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Summative Assessment: Speech on a figure/group engaged in civil disobedience


Students will research a figure or group who/that engaged in civil disobedience by finding reliable sources, taking notes on sources, and citing sources. Students will compose, practice, and present a speech describing the life and act(s) of civil disobedience for the subject they choose.

Civil Disobedience Defined:

a form of protest against a government or organization in which the one protesting refuses to abide by a law that is contrary to his/her beliefs, while also refusing to engage in violent behavior to correct the injustice.

(Lehrerh, Jim. "What is the Role of Civil Disobedience Today?" PBS Newshour Extra, NewsHour Productions LLC, 25 Feb. 2013.

Essential Questions:

  • In what ways did your individual/group engage in civil disobedience?
    • To what was he/she/they morally opposed?
    • Which law(s) or societal norm(s) did he/she/they break: How did he/she/they break the law(s) norm(s)?
    • What were the consequences of these actions?
    • Was he/she/they successful in building support for a cause?
    • Are his/her/their actions admirable? Why or why not?


  • Students find and take notes on at least three credible sources.
    • Sources can be print, video, or audio; but must include at least one written source.
  • Students outline, draft, and practice a speech that answers all of the essential questions above.
  • Students will complete a Works Cited page typed in MLA format.


  • The speech is due on Monday, October 16th.
  • A draft of the speech must be submitted online through
  • Late submissions will be subject to a 10% deduction in score up to one week after the due date. After one week, work will receive 50% credit.
  • The extended deadline for students with qualifying IEP, 504, or Gen Ed plans is Monday, October 23rd.
    • See Ms. Spaht to request an extension or see if you qualify.

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