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What Does it Mean to be a Teen in Marin?: Step 4


Draft your article's and podcast's content to prepare for the final draft.

(Make sure each team member helps with both the article and the podcast!)


Include the following...

  • an engaging lead with a thesis statement
  • body that supports the thesis with
    • relevant facts
    • quotes
    • anecdotes
    • specific details
  • facts and quotes supported by citations
  • effective transitions that link your ideas together
  • conclusion that confidently sums up the thesis statement


Draft the script of your recording keeping in mind the following...

  • Use your article as a guide. You won't be able to use it word-for-word, but it can serve as the basis for your script.
  • Include audio recordings of your interviews and/or quotes from emails.
  • Find music and/or sound effects that fit with your theme or message about teens in Marin.


To avoid copyright infringement, use only Creative Commons Licenced or royalty-free music and sound effects for this portion. Below are some sources you may use.