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Pop Culture Analysis Presentations: Electronic Resources

For AIM US History, taught by Ms. Scharf.

EBSCO Magazine and Newspaper Database

Full-text articles and documents from hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

Search EBSCO

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Helpful video tutorials for Ebsco

  Introduction to Ebscohost-Perfect if you are new to Ebsco or need a refresher. Length 06:25.

   Advanced Search Guided Style-Very powerful for specific searches including finding articles, editorials, interviews, letters, speeches. Length 3:01.

Access World News

Find current and archived articles on issues, events, people, government and more with the world's largest collection of full-text news sources. Includes local news, editorials, announcements and other sections from more than 4,700 sources.

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America’s Historical Newspapers (1690-2000)

Find news articles covering topics in government, politics, social issues, culture, literature discoveries, inventions and more from hundreds of primary sources . Search using either the timeline or topic search to easily find news and eyewitness accounts and pro/con articles of events, issues and daily life in the colonies or during the Revolutionary War, westward expansion, the Civil War, Reconstruction, industrialization, the Progressive Era, World War I, the Great Depression, Vietnam War, World War II, Civil Rights Movement, Cold War, globalization and other eras. Also included are illustrations, advertisements, classifieds, birth and marriage announcements, obituaries, stories about historic people and other articles exactly as they appeared in print .

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